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Chun-Hyang Story
Chun-Hyang Story (1955)
Theatrical poster to Chun-Hyang Story
Director Lee Gyu-hwan[1]
Producer Lee Cheol-hyeok
Planner Kim Jae-jung
Screenplay Lee Kyu-Hwan
Assistant director Yu Hyun-mok
Ha Han-soo
Jeong Il-taek
Choi Hoon
Art director Gang Seong-beom
Music Seong Gyeong-rin
Cinematographer Yim Jin-hwan
Hong Dong-hyuk
Editor Lee Seong-pa
Lighting Lee Han-chan
Sound recording Lee Kyeong-sun
Lee Sang-man
Property Jeong Eung-sam
Production studio Dong Myeong Films
Released January 15, 1955
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 150,000
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Chun-Hyang Story (춘향전 / 春香傳 - Chunhyangjeon) is a 1955 film directed by Lee Gyu-hwan.[1]


The classic Chun-Hyang story: Chun-Hyang, the daughter of a gisaeng, is betrothed to Lee. Lee leaves the village to undertake his government exams. In his absence, the corrupt governor of the area attempts to seduce Chun-Hyang, and imprisons and tortures her when she refuses to succumb. Lee passes his exams and becomes an undercover investigator of government corruption for the King. He returns to his village, exposes the governor's evil deeds, and rescues Chun-Hyang.[1]




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