Confessions of a College Student
Confessions of a College Student
Theatrical poster to Confessions of a College Student
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Lee Won-sik
Screenplay Shin Sang-Ok
Assistant director Yun Cheol-sang
Kim Yong-deok
Music Kim Yong-hwan
Cinematographer Gang Beom-gu
Editor Kim Young-hee
Lighting Lee Han-chan
Sound recording Lee Sang-man
Production studio Seoul Films
Released July 12, 1958
Running time 100 min.
Budget approx. KRW 28,000,000[2]
Debut theatre Danseongsa
Attendance 100,000
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Confessions of a College Student (어느 여대생의 고백 / 어느 女大生의 告白 - Eoneu yeodaesaengui gobaek) is a 1958 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1] It was the director's major box-office success of the 1950s.[3]


So-yeong is a female law student whose tuition is paid by her grandmother. When her grandmother dies, So-yeong has no means of financial support. With a friend Hee-sook, she tricks the wealthy Choi-rim into believing So-yeong is his long-lost daughter. She moves in with Choi-rim, who pays for the finishing of her studies. During her first trial, in which she defends a woman accused of a crime similar to hers, So-yeong speaks passionately for the difficulty of women's lives in contemporary society.[1]


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