The Torchlight
Torchlight 2
Theatrical poster to The Torchlight
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Shin Sang-ok
Planner Hwang Nam
Screenplay Lim Hee-Jae
Based on Lee Seo-Ku
Music Jeong Yoon-joo
Cinematographer Kim Yong-in
Editor O Seong-hwan
Lighting Lee Gyu-chang
Production studio Shin Films
Released October 23, 1963
Budget approx. KRW 6,000,000[2]
Debut theatre Myeongbo
Attendance 50,000
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The Torchlight (횃불 - Hwaetbul) is a 1963 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1]


A historical drama set during China's Qing Dynasty and the reign of Korea's Yeongjo the Great. Political troubles arise when an arrogant Qing envoy is offended while in Korea and demands an apology.[1]




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